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Hi, we are PDODweb studio from Odesa, Ukraine

Increase your sales with high skill and comfortWe make websites for Ukranian and International business

Why do you need to make a website with us? 

There are we collect a 3 (in our opinion) reasons why you can start to work with us

1. We are online and have a professional support

We always find a way to explain to you even most difficult things, technical information about how your site works. We'll support you and teach to use platform we choose together before start making your website.


3. We always find most quick way to realise your project

Not a lot of time we need to make a complex website for your business. A middle time we need to develop a landing page is 7-8 days if we'll work on plaform (for example, Weblium).


2. We thinking above just web-developlent

We unerstand how advertisment works. A logic of using google ads or facebook ads isn't a new for us. And that will be a way to easy speak about your business proccesses and your business needs.


Websites we made

Choose which you like, press on it and then open a review page of this website

We work with these platforms

Developed by the Intel Corporation, HDCP stands for high-bandwidth digital content protection.


The fastest and most comfortable way to make your own website at the moment
Prices: From $200


If you need further SEO promotion or the site will need to be hosted on your server (hosting)
Prices: From $300


CMS is good for the tasks of online stores with many plug-ins. We don't recommend to customers who haven't worked with it before.
Prices: From $200


The advantages of developing on this CMS will mainly be useful for customers not from UkraineBut we'll gladly take
Prices: From $300

Classic HTML/CSS

Handwritten site for the most ambitious tasks and full control of every line of code
Prices: From $900

Migrating from TILDA

To any of the above systems
Prices: From $150

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